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"In the midst of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." - Alert Camus

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to make an attitude adjustment : Don't Sweat the MS

How to make an attitude adjustment by taking this uplifting approach: “Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

Don't Sweat the MS

Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s how the saying goes, right?
But what if the seemingly smaller aspects of your life are actually the ones that drive your engine and spirit?

Life with multiple sclerosis is not easy. Energy needs to be rationed. The odd and sometimes agonizing sensations never cease. Pain is constant. The quantity and quality of vision and mobility is negotiated on a moment-to-moment basis.

I once had a bad relapse that caused foot drop, prohibiting me from walking straight because my left foot dragged behind me. Blurred and limited vision is a regular occurrence. Vertigo surprises me often. These ailments were and are incredibly difficult to cope with, but I feel oddly energized to fight them and continue on.


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